3 new admin tools for easy deployment

Front gives admins powerful controls to set users up for success and achieve their business goals. Today, we’re introducing 3 new ways to manage user onboarding and workflows that make implementing Front with consistency across your organization a breeze 🙌

  • Create teammate templates for common user roles (like Support Reps or Account Managers) to give new users in these roles the settings they need instantly. You save time, instead of configuring from scratch, and have complete control, unlike cloning from a user who has modified their settings. Requires Access Management add-on.

Screenshot 2019-11-18 21.01.42.png

  • You can also now invite teammates by CSV to add a group of new users in a batch, instead of one by one. You can even define teammate templates for these users in the CSV to set everything up in one step.

Annotation 2019-11-15 113115.png

  • Use company rules to create up company-wide workflows, instead of creating duplicate rules for your users. They allow you to enforce SLAs and unify all client communication in team inboxes with consolidated rules that can target individual and team inboxes at the same time. Requires Pro or Enterprise plan.

Company rules gif.gif

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