Front updates
Front updates

Add webhooks to your app




You can now add webhooks directly to your app! Adding webhooks to your integrations no longer requires you to manually configure the webhook through rules anymore. Instead, you can configure the webhook as a feature of your app in the Developers page in Front. This allows apps to get real-time notifications when relevant events happen (e.g. a message is received, a comment is added, a tag is added), which is important for use cases like bots, data sync, and analytics/reporting.

Learn more on our Developer Portal:

  • How to add a webhook feature to an app

  • Detailed webhooks information — Note that you can still configure webhooks through rules, but this new way of configuring webhooks makes partner apps more powerful and gives you more options for employing webhooks. The topic on the Developer Portal has more information on when to use one version or the other.


Updated Forumbee integration




You can now enjoy the following enhancements from our Forumbee plugin:

  • Browse through Help Center categories in the plugin

  • Read article content directly in the plugin

  • Highlight article text and press Insert to paste the contents into the composer

See how to enable and use the Forumbee integration here.


Set up Front Chat on your mobile app




Want to chat with your customers on your mobile app? You can implement the Front Chat widget in your app using a webview and access all our Front Chat features.

You can see step-by-step instructions to set it up here.

Get more visibility into your teammates’ availability




Now with Front Calendar, you can view calendars of teammates using Google Calendar who aren’t in Front, as long as you have permission in Google.

Sync custom fields from Azure Active Directory or Okta




With our Azure Active Directory and Okta integrations, you can automatically sync teammate custom fields. Once you’ve set up the custom field sync, you can more easily use custom fields in rules and signatures.

Learn more:

Sync custom fields from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Sync custom fields from Okta


Optimize your load balancing rules with teammate Groups




Now you can use teammate Groups in load balancing rules, so you can automatically distribute work evenly across team members and ensure the rules stay up to date.

Manage users and groups automatically with OneLogin integration




Our OneLogin integration automates user provisioning, so you don’t have to manually update users and groups across inboxes, workflows, and workspaces.

Learn more:

User provisioning with an Identity Provider (IdP)

Teammate Groups

New integration: Aissist




Aissist is an easy-to-use digital labor solution that analyzes user input and provides intelligent actions. Integrating it with Front can help automate drafting responses, adding tags, and commenting to seamlessly assist your team.

Learn more:

Aissist integration

How to enable and use the Aissist integration

Navigate to older conversations faster




Now, messages with more than 50,000 visible characters will be truncated. You’ll still be able to view the full message with a quick click and easily access older messages in a conversation.

unnamed (3).png

Bring more of your channels into Front




We’ve added support for two new channels, Telegram and Dialpad SMS, so you can reduce app switching.

The Telegram + Front integration enables you to connect a Telegram bot as a channel in Front and manage conversations with individual customers or groups of customers entirely from Front. The Front + Dialpad SMS integration brings all customer communications into one place, from emails to SMS to phone calls, enabling sending and receiving of messages using a Dialpad phone number directly from Front.

Learn how to set them up now:

Connect your Dialpad SMS channel

Connect your Telegram channel