Front updates
Front updates

View and manage Accounts within the Contacts Manager





Our new suite of account-level functionality allows you to deeply understand customer relationships without leaving your inbox, easily create workflows based on your customer data, and get actionable insights for each account.  

Here’s what’s new:

  • View conversation history across all contacts in an account directly from an open conversation, so you always have a clear picture of the whole customer relationship
  • Integrate your CRM or other system of record to Front, so you have easy access to critical information like their account owner(s), customer segment, and any SLAs in place — without context switching.
  • Build workflows using your customer data, so you can automatically route conversations into the right hands and prioritize messages from high-value accounts with ease (available on Prime & Enterprise only)
  • Quantify and track your team’s performance against metrics defined for specific accounts within Front Analytics (available on Enterprise only - coming in late September) 

By viewing all customer information at the account level right from Front, your team can more efficiently and effectively provide tailor-made service at scale.

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Add contextual comments in a message 💬





Excellent customer experience happens rapidly, meaning there's no time to waste on misalignments. Now, when you're commenting on a message, you can highlight text within a message and an “Add comment” action will appear upon highlighting, so you can start a thread directly on the area of concern or question.

While there was an older version of this available in Front for the past few months, this is a new and improved iteration of the feature:

  • Jump to comment from the message highlight
  • Multiple people can highlight then comment on the same snippet of a message
  • See where there are overlapping comments in the message body

Among others. This will be available as "read-only" on mobile, so you can view all contextual comments.

Trigger automations based on assignee change ➡️





Want to add automations to a message when the assignee changes? Now, you can. Assignments made by load balancing rules can now trigger sequential rules starting with "When Assignee is changed,” making rules more intuitive and predictable and allowing room for more thorough workflows.

Easily view recent assignees & recent tags 🏷





We made a couple small improvements to your inbox to make your work day even more efficient.

Now, the 5 assignees you've used most recently will surface to the top of the 'Assign' dropdown. The list of assignees is stored on a per inbox basis, so the list will be different depending on what inboxes a conversation belongs to.

Additionally, we've added a 'Recently used tags' section showing you your top 5 most recently used tags at the top of the tags dropdown menu, based on inbox the conversation belongs to.

Refresh the app to start populating your recent assignees and tags!

New iOS app, who dis? 📱





The new and improved iOS app is HEREE! Here’s a recap of the changes in the new app:

  • Sleek design update: A fully updated design makes using Front on a mobile device even easier. New uniform typography, colors, icons, and spacing adds consistency while letting the personality of Front shine through.
  • Optimized UX: The new app is optimized for the core mobile use case - reading messages, triaging, and commenting. Improvements are focused on creating more consistency of components across the app, and alignment with the desktop app.
  • New features: We've added a couple new features along with this new version:
    • Customizable swipe actions
    • Multi-select filters in the message panel, and a new sort option called 'Newest unreplied'
    • View status of participants in the composer (grayed out = unread)

Here's to working on the go being even easier than before 🚀

Better utilize the heatmap for staffing recommendations 🔥





Are you an admin who uses the heatmap on the Team Performance report to manage staffing needs? We've got some improvements for you:

  • See a summary of “busiest times” to quickly identify hotspots
  • Default hours shown = team business hours
  • View an 'Active teammates metric' to see which teammates took an action during the selected window to help identify capacity gaps.

Celebrate sticking to those SLAs 🎉





Front Analytics is great for learning which messages resulted in a SLA breach and how they may have happened, but it's also important to recognize SLA achievements — the percentage of messages that were triggered by SLA but did not end up in breach. Check it out in the SLA report in Analytics to help put your SLA breaches in context.

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📧 📅 Scheduled reports in Analytics have been released





You can now schedule a saved view from New Analytics to be delivered by email on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Scheduled report emails have been updated with the latest metrics as well as beautiful new templates.

Note that scheduling is a Prime/Enterprise feature, and legacy Pro plans do not have access to this. Want to start scheduling reports? Consider upgrading to a Prime or Enterprise plan today!

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‘Select-all’ & take actions on multiple messages at once ✨





Get to inbox zero faster with our new select-all capabilities. Whether you need to tag, archive, or move messages, you can now do so all at once with a simple keyboard shortcut. Use the keyboard shortcuts “Cmd+A" or "Ctrl+ A" to make it happen.

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New integration: Extract data from your emails, and send it to your other systems and applications with


New lets you easily extract data from your emails and send it to your other systems and applications. You can then take actions and automate tasks for customer service, lead generation, and more.'s Front integration scans email content, including attachments, and extracts data, such as: email addresses, names, dates, and custom fields. Users can then take actions, send data to other sources, and use Zapier to connect to and from Front.

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