Front updates
Front updates

New integration: Ringover




Ringover's Front integration allows you to use your cloud phone dialer directly in your inbox, making it easy to chat with contacts over the phone or via SMS using your Ringover phone number. Conversations from Ringover are automatically logged in Front, capturing all important details, from timestamps and audio recordings, to agent notes, call tags, and more.

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Enhanced UpBrains AI integration




The UpBrains AI integration now allows you to generate responses to conversations using ChatGPT. This complements the existing capabilities of the integration, including the ability to recognize and read text from PDFs, images, and handwritten copy in more than 30 different languages.

Teams is now Workspaces




We’ve renamed our Teams feature to Workspaces. The feature’s functionality has not changed; you can still use Workspaces to divide up your inboxes into separate spaces with their own workflows, analytics, and resources such as tags or message templates.

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Bulk edit teammate custom fields across your whole company




We’ve added support for bulk edits of custom fields on the company level. You can now export custom fields for all teammates and then import a CSV to bulk edit them in the Teammates tab.

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Improved table selection in your messages




You can now click and drag to select any set of cells in a table within your message, so you can easily copy and paste that selection.

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Additional conversation list filtering is now available




We’ve expanded our conversation list filters, so you can quickly hone in and prioritize specific conversations in more of your inbox sections. In addition to existing filters for team inboxes and views, now you can filter by a specific tag or assignee for the following sections: your top-level inbox tab, assigned to me, shared with me, discussions, and individual inboxes.


Enroll in Front Academy




Front Academy is our new, self-guided training platform. Whether you’re brand new to Front or an experienced user, our courses can help you get more from your Front experience.

These on-demand courses are perfect for:

  • Setting up Front for your company

  • Improving daily workflows with best practices

  • Deep diving into specific features to uplevel your knowledge

Visit Front Academy here.


Centralize access to all your data with the integration


New is a data centralization integration that syncs data from Front into for analysis and connections to other data sources.

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Automate responses to customer questions with the Cardina integration




Cardina’s AI-powered platform is designed to help customer experience teams resolve tickets faster while reducing costs, resulting in happier agents and satisfied customers.

Learn how to scale support without scaling headcount:

New rule action in rule sets




Now you can use the “Reply with a message template” rule action with rule sets. You can use this rule action to simplify lists of auto-reply rules by condensing them into a single rule.