Dark theme is back for the new version of Front!

A month ago, Front experienced what will probably be the most contentious moment in all of our history — when we launched our new app without a dark theme option. 🌚

Some customers loved the new look: "The new interface is like an Apple store!" (that's a compliment, in our book). But we heard you when some of you felt differently: "Looking at the new app is like staring into a thousand suns!" 🙈

We're excited to let you know Dark Theme is back. Just go into your Settings > My Preference > change your Theme option to Dark. You can finally take off those sunglasses 😎


OAuth for Pipedrive integration

We implemented OAuth for Pipedrive so actions taken within Front’s integration will be attributed to the individual teammate who took the action, instead of the authenticating admin.

Learn more here.

Forward / reply in new conversation thread

  1. Now you can forward a message as a new conversation thread. Just click on the 3 dots on a message and select "Forward in New Conversation".
  2. We’ve also added a new preference, so you can choose to always create new conversations whenever you reply to a conversation.

Learn more here.

forward  (1).png

Admins can manage notification settings and canned responses for teammates

To make it easier to set up your new teammates quickly, admins can now manage notification settings and individual canned responses of teammates. This completes the set of the admin tools for managing teammate settings!

Learn more here.

Screenshot 2018-12-04 11.23.08 (1).png

Share drafts with teammates in one click

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do I have to @mention my teammate after I share a draft” or “Who am I sharing this draft with?“, well we've made Sharing Drafts more intuitive and clear.

Now, when you share a draft, you’re prompted to invite the teammates you want to include and if there are existing participants on the conversation, we’ll automatically let them know a draft has been shared with them.


Spam messages won't load images

For improved security, we now automatically prevent images from loading for Spam conversations.

Admins can manage teammate settings and set up inboxes for them

To make it easier to set up your new teammates quickly, admins can now manage the settings of their teammates and even set up individual inboxes for them. Admins can manage their teammates' individual inbox set up, rules, signatures, and "My Preferences".

Learn more here.


Calendar plugin new available to all users

Want to manage your calendar right from Front? We've made the new calendar plugin available to all users!

Learn more here.


The new version of Front has launched!

The new version of Front is here! We started the roll out to customers this week.

What's new

  • See all your conversations in one place
  • Instead of following, you'll subscribe to conversation updates
  • You can archive in your Inbox without impacting your teammates
  • Manage who's involved in the participants menu
  • Smart merging of duplicate conversations

Learn more in the Guide to New Front.


New rules engine

We've launched the newest version of rules engine!

  • Rules are processed sequentially
  • Rules can trigger other rules
  • Create rules with combination AND/OR conditions

Learn more about how to manage your rules here.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely frontapp will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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