Front updates
Front updates

Global navigation bar 🔍





We've launched a new global navigation bar found at the header of every page in Front. The global navigation bar includes easy access to apps like your inbox, calendar, contacts, analytics, along with your profile settings and an expanded search bar. This is currently available to all users with a Mac OS and will be released to Windows users later this month.

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Collect and analyze CSAT survey responses in Front 📊





The CSAT survey is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to measure customer satisfaction – most commonly used by teams to measure satisfaction after a particular interaction. It's calculated by asking a question, such as "How satisfied were you with your purchase?" using a five-star survey scale, giving you quick data to guide how to better support world-class customer experiences.

Use CSAT to measure customer satisfaction…

  • Following customer support or education interactions
  • Add a CSAT survey to your team signatures to encourage contacts to rate interactions anytime
  • After customer lifecycle moments, like after a sale or post-onboarding

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All team rule creation now goes through the Rules Library 📚





We want you to have easy access to all of our ready-made rule templates for advanced workflows — so we're continuously adding rules to our rule library. Most recently, we made a change so that whenever you're creating a team rule, you'll be taken to the rules library and able to browse all easy-to-implement team rules.

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For Prime plan and above, Custom Rules can continue to be created by selecting the "Custom Rule" template.

New tags UI in Settings + ability to archive tags 🏷





Easily manage and organize your tags with our new and improved UI in your Front settings. Here's what you need to know:

  • Understand tag organization by referencing a new table layout that shows the tag nesting structure
  • View a "last used" and "date created" property for each tag so you can make informed decisions when cleaning up your tags
  • There's a new ability to bulk nest, delete, and archive tags
  • Archiving tags will allow admins to clean up their tag lists for the entire team without losing historical analytics and conversation metadata

Plus — it's a whole lot prettier.

A fully redesigned contact details experience 💥





To provide an exceptional customer experience, it's critical to know who your customer is, their history with your company, and how you can help. That's why Front allows you to view Contact Details — conversation history, message details, and background — right from your inbox.

We’ve made some new and noteworthy updates so you can more easily maintain and improve contact records in Front and provide the best customer experience possible:

  • Quickly view and update contact properties with a refreshed contacts interface.
  • Focus on the content most relevant to you with collapsible sections
  • Avoid duplicate contacts with a new ‘Merge’ action that allows you to merge duplicate contacts in a few clicks
  • Quickly access recent conversations with the same contact to gain a more complete picture before taking action – you can see conversation details like participants, assignees, and tags at a glance, and hover on a conversation to see the latest message in thread
  • Get greater control over who sees notes made on a contact by restricting notes to be visible to only you, a team, or the entire company

A brand new Front Android app 🔥





Whether you're skimming an email or replying to an internal discussion, our reimagined app is the best way to use Front from your Android mobile device. Our biggest mobile app update yet brings a refined new design and improved performance.

  • Blazingly fast and reliable: Performance and stability improvements mean messages will load faster than ever, so your content will always be front and center.
  • Sleek new design: An elegant design update makes using Front on a mobile device effortless–new uniform typography, colors, icons, and spacing adds consistency while letting the personality of Front shine through
  • App switching made easy: Consistency across the mobile and desktop app make reading messages, triaging, and commenting from one device to another a breeze

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Share drafts and update conversation followers via the API ✍️





Previously, drafts created via the API were only visible to a single teammate. It’s now possible to also share drafts via the API, which will enable “round robin” workflows where drafts can be auto-generated and then picked up by any available agent to review and send.

Monitor tag changes in Analytics 👀





Understand your workflow better by viewing what tags were applied, how often, and for how long. The new table in the Tags report views you an in-depth view of the themes of your conversations and the effectiveness of your tags.

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Delay since trigger (internal SLA) + Unassigned after improvements ⌛️





We've released two significant updates to Front’s time-based rules.

The new ‘delay since trigger’ filter tells Front to start a timer after a trigger (WHEN) condition. For example, “WHEN… conversation is moved IF… conversation is in validations (inbox) AND delay since trigger is 2 hours AND message is unreplied THEN… notify teammates. Basically, this rule will notify teammates two hours after a conversation has been moved into the validations inbox. This is just one example - the new filter now enables yo to run rules off any trigger in Front, which unlocks a world of possibilities.

The second improvement focused on the ‘unassigned and opened after’ filter, which now recognizes time based on the the trigger of a rule rather than just the last inbound time (when a message was received).

For example, “WHEN… inbound message is received IF… conversation is in sales (inbox) AND conversation is unassigned and open after 15 minutes THEN… notify teammates. Basically, this rule will notify teammates 15 minutes after a conversation in the sales inbox was opened and unassigned. This is a valuable new filter to help teams ensure nothing slips through the cracks when a rule or someone on the team manually unassigns a conversation.

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API Support for Snooze is now live 💤





It’s now possible to manage a conversation’s snooze status through the API, and understand whether a conversation has been snoozed vs archived through webhooks.This will unlock new opportunities for automating send-and-snooze workflows as well as triggering third party actions when conversations are snoozed vs archived.