Front updates
Front updates

Same Front, fresh look




We know your team strives to deliver a show-stopping customer experience, but managing a high volume of messages can make that a challenge. That's why we've rolled out some exciting inbox updates.

These inbox updates allow you to:

Easily manage conversations: Use the new conversation status bar to get a clear look at where things stand, plus easily take actions like snooze, archive, and more.

Work more confidently: The archive button will now always tell you which inbox(es) you’re affecting.

Get clearer visibility…on who has visibility: Get all the details you need about who’s on a message with the new Participants menu.

Pro tip: We've removed the "Star" button from your conversation status bar to declutter, but you can still star and unstar messages with a simple shortcut. Just go to the right-hand integrations sidebar and find the "Keyboard shortcuts" plugin. Under "Conversation actions" you'll find "Star/Unstar".

Check out our quick overview video to see a walkthrough of what’s new.