Front updates
Front updates

Front Analytics got a makeover worth writing home about 📈

A shiny redesign, brand new capabilities, and improved navigation makes this update feel more like a new product – the reimagined Front Analytics is here:

  • 6 redesigned, customizable reports that keep you focused on the metrics most relevant to you
  • Bring clarity to every situation with new “drill-down” capabilities that make most numbers across reports clickable to show all conversations associated with that metric
  • Pinpoint areas of improvement and spot trends with a redesigned interface, navigation, and filter system

Start measuring your impact, anticipating trends, and understanding areas of improvement with the new Analytics.

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Name & contact fields are now in Front Chat ⚒

Previously, you could only identify a user in Front chat by providing an email through the Front Chat SDK. Now, there are new name and custom contact fields in Front Chat that will allow you to send more customer data into Front and significantly improve contact quality.

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New team channel setting 💬

We released a new team channel setting that allows conversation participants to reuse a channel already used in a conversation, even if they don't have access right to the original inbox.

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Make work more fun – create custom emojis in Front 🎉

Make someone’s day, personalize your team chat, and bring a playful spirit to keep the work from home woes at bay by creating custom emojis in Front. They are available in reactions, comments, and emails.

Split Inboxes – keep actions separate between inboxes

We just launched an in-app setting that lets you keep actions in an inbox separate from other inboxes.

This means you can have separate copies of a conversation in each team inbox to allow different teams with different processes to archive, comment, assign, and more in their own inbox without affecting other teams' copies. Phew!

The same feature can be used to help you manage threading and maintain stricter privacy.

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Small tweaks to the conversation merge banner 🛠

We've stopped displaying the blue conversation merge banner in a couple of cases:

  1. When there's a duplicate conversation in a private inbox and a team inbox, we won't show the banner if you don't have the team inbox pinned to your P1 workspace.
  2. When there's a duplicate conversation in two team inboxes, one or both of which is split, we won't show the banner.

This should help reduce confusion and clutter in your workspace 😎

Rule position is now preserved when searching in the rule list 3️⃣6️⃣2️⃣

When you search in the rule list, the rule # displayed used to be the position in the filtered list based on your search. We now display the rule position in the full list so you can better navigate your rule list and understand each rule should should trigger.

Rename conversations to keep work efficient and organized 💥

You know how you can easily rename internal discussions to something obvious and intuitive? Well, renaming is now available for any and all conversation types. Replace messy conversation names like “RE: FWD: Important!” with something more informative to stay organized and work happier.

Answer from chat or SMS when moving a conversation across Front Teams 💬

When moving a conversation from one Front Team to another Team, you can now answer the conversation from the receiving Team, even if the channel used is chat, SMS, or another. This means you can use whatever channel you prefer to reply to conversations from other teams.

Search settings for exactly what you need to find 🔎

Your settings page in Front is jam packed with all the goods: workflows for your team, help articles, and more. Now, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with our new settings search bar. Pull up the rule library, team tags, or whatever is top of mind in a snap.