The new version of Front has launched!

The new version of Front is here! We started the roll out to customers this week.

What's new

  • See all your conversations in one place
  • Instead of following, you'll subscribe to conversation updates
  • You can archive in your Inbox without impacting your teammates
  • Manage who's involved in the participants menu
  • Smart merging of duplicate conversations

Learn more in the Guide to New Front.


New rules engine

We've launched the newest version of rules engine!

  • Rules are processed sequentially
  • Rules can trigger other rules
  • Create rules with combination AND/OR conditions

Learn more about how to manage your rules here.

Shortcut to add reminder

We've released a new shortcut to open the reminder menu in the composer view. Just click ctrl/cmd+shift+L.

iOS improvements: undo actions, badge counter

We've released a few new features for our iOS app. Now you can:

  • Easily undo actions you might have accidentally done while working on the go (move, snooze, archive, delete, etc)
  • Manage your badge counters from your mobile settings
  • Use the @mention modifier in search

Individual analytics reports

Analytics is no longer just for Admins! Now, any team member can go into the Analytics tab and create their own individual report and look at their contributions to the their team. Individual analytics will allow you to see metrics about your personal performance across the inboxes you have access to, with the ability to set various filters and the option to export the data.

Learn more here.


Additional data columns for analytics exports

We've added new columns to our analytics exports so you can more easily reconcile the exported data with the metrics displayed on the dashboard.

The new columns are:

  • New conversation: indicates whether this message is the first of a new conversation or segment
  • First response: indicates whether this message is the first reply to a new inbound conversation or segment
  • Replies to resolve: number of replies to inbound messages that exist in a resolved segment
  • Business hours: indicates whether the message occurred within business hours

Learn more here.

Improved sync between Office 365 and Front

We've been hard at work with Microsoft to use their latest APIs to deliver a better, more complete sync between Office 365 and Front.

Now, when you connect a new Office 365 account or shared mailbox with Front, you'll be able to leverage this new, two-way sync. Front will detect your domain automatically when you add a new inbox, so the setup is simple.

You can also transition an existing inbox from email forwarding with SMTP to the new sync. You'll see all your email activity reflected in both Front and Outlook, so both systems always have the latest. Follow this guide to update your inbox to the new sync.


Integration update: Create Front conversations from Slack

In addition to sending Front messages to Slack, now you can create new Front conversations from Slack.

Sometimes messages come up in Slack that you want to handle later or track with other customer conversations — like when a teammate pings you asking for an update on a big project, or a bug is reported that you're tracking already in Front.


Now, you can create Front conversations from those Slack messages to handle them in team inboxes. Choose where the message should go, and assign it to yourself — or to someone else on your team to follow up on later. With the new Slack integration update, you can handle questions and follow up tasks from Slack more easily in Front.

Learn more

New integration: Fivetran

Fivetran replicates and centralizes all your data sources into your cloud data warehouse — from applications, databases, event logs, file stores, and more. 1809-front-connector.png Now, you can connect Front with Fivetran in minutes to build a fully managed and zero-maintenance data pipeline between Front and your data warehouse like Amazon Redshift.

Gain deep insights into your business and customer experience by joining Front data with CRM, payment, and other customer data in your BI tool of choice.

Learn more

New integration: Parabola

Parabola helps companies eliminate busywork with drag-and-drop automated data flows. Front's Parabola integration makes it easy to build custom analytics reports and more — no spreadsheets or coding required.

Front Screen 1.png

Connect Parabola with Front to automatically import, clean, and manipulate your Front data using Parabola's data workflow builder. Easily combine your Front data with customer payment data, app behavior data, and more to build a complete picture of your business.

Learn more

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