Save time by searching for preferences ⏰

Rather than scrolling through a long list of preferences, you can now save time and search for the preference you want. Use the search bar in the 'My Preferences' page in your settings to get started.


New integration: Save customer feedback in Herald

Herald is a product management platform where teams to collect, analyze, and collaborate on user feedback. Herald helps you organize feedback from everywhere, serve your customers better, and keep your team aligned.

Herald's Front integration makes it easy for your team to save customer feedback directly from Front in a few clicks. Your team can also quickly check the status of each customer request to provide the most up-to-date information and close the loop with customers when updates are released.

herald image.png

View important details with Conversation Summary view πŸ‘€

View important information about a conversation in one consolidated place with Conversation Summary view. You can see conversation details at a glance, such as all attachments in a thread or teammates who have read the conversation in one easy click.

conversation summary.gif

Pin up to 500 tags to your workspace 🏷

Now, you can pin up to 500 tags in the left sidebar. If you and your team depend heavily on pinned tags for categorizing conversations, this is a great improvement that allows for more specific categorization and options in your inbox.

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Write and format longer comments with an expanded comment composer πŸ“

Have you ever accidentally sent a comment by hitting enter when you meant to add a new line? Now, it’s easier for you to write longer comments with the new expanded comment composer. Click the expand button in the comment bar to access the composer, where you’ll have more space to write and β€˜enter’ will create a new line instead of sending the comment. Happy commenting!

comment composer.gif

Choose what's pinned to your team's workspace πŸ“Œ

To help your team prioritize work in Front, admins can now customize which team tags, team inboxes, and teammates are pinned in P1 for any new teammate. This means your team can easily see what's most relevant to them, and you can rest assured that their eyes are on the most important work.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.14.53 PM.png

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Start a Zoom call right from Front πŸŽ₯

Need to hop on a quick call with a colleague? You can now start a video call from Front in one easy click. Our new integration with Zoom makes video calling easier than ever, and you don’t even have to leave your inbox to make it happen.


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Hit your response time targets with SLA rules and reporting πŸš€

Front’s new SLA rules are like guardrails for your inbox, so you and your team can respond to every customer in time. Just set your response time goal and when it should apply, and Front will take care of surfacing urgent conversations for your team to reply β€” even before a breach happens.

Pre-built analytics reports give you a snapshot of SLA breaches and response time insights whenever you need them. Easily share SLA metrics with clients to build trust and demonstrate value, or use these insights to help optimize team processes or adjust staffing plans to ensure coverage.

SLA (Test GIF) - email 2.gif

Unlike traditional help desks that damage the personal experience you want to deliver to your clients, Front enables your team to build these workflows directly in your inbox. You get the best of both worlds: the automation and analytics of a help desk with the intuitive experience of email.

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Customize your snooze menu πŸ’€

Make your inbox work for you by snoozing emails to return to later. Now, you can add custom times to your snooze menu that fit your personal schedule. You can choose the day and time of your snooze or the snoozing interval, and even give the custom snooze time a name.


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Avoid confusion by replying to a specific comment ✏️

No more clutter or confusion in your comments! As your colleagues exchange comments on an email, you can now reply to a specific comment. Start a thread by hovering over the comment and replying directly.

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