Change your internal discussion topic

As your discussion evolves, so should its topic title. That way, you can see at a glance what's going on in each thread in your inbox.

Just click into your discussion topic to change the name and make sure it reflects the latest!

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Report phishing attempts to Front Security

We're always working to make Front more secure for you and your team — and you can help! When you receive a phishing email, be sure to report it to our team so we're aware.

Just click "Report phishing" in your conversations options menu, and we'll take it from there.

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@Mention teammates by name or nickname

Got a crazy (or hard to remember) nickname?

No worries — now @mentions will match against full names and nicknames, so your teammates can find you more easily.

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Start a discussion with yourself to track to do's

Ever send yourself an email or add a note to your calendar as a reminder? You can do this with discussions now, too.

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Only @mention yourself to start a private discussion — they're quicker and more casual than an email and can be edited as you make updates. You can tag or snooze them like emails in your inbox to manage all your work in one place.

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See when comments are edited

Now, you'll see when a comment you're viewing as been edited after posting. Hover to see the exact time ⏰

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Notification actions for Front mobile apps

Working on the go? Archive and comment on conversations directly from your Android or iOS push notifications to get more done — wherever you are.


If you're not using the Front mobile apps yet, get them here!

Re-order rules faster for more powerful workflows

Using multiple rules in your workflow is powerful, but getting the order of your rules right is critical. Now, you can move rules to a specific position in your list to quickly re-order them.

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For example, you may have a triage rule that checks the content of a message to apply tags that trigger escalation rules in a certain order. To change the priority of your rules, just change their list position to instantly move them to the right spot.

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Collaborate with guests on any conversation

Need to loop in a consultant, partner, or anyone else outside your Front team? Now, you can bring them up to speed in a snap by inviting them as a guest to any Front conversation or internal discussion.

When you add them as a guest, they’ll get a unique link to view the conversation and comment on it. and soon edit drafts with you in real time. Instead of juggling multiple threads about the same topic, share the conversation with everyone involved — whether they use Front or not.

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Quickly resend a message

Sometimes there are messages we need to re-use and send again, like an order quote or proposal. Now, you can do that right from your chosen message in Front — no need to copy/paste or mess up the formatting by forwarding.

Click the message options menu and choose "Resend" or "Resend in a new conversation", depending on whether you want to start a separate thread.

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Moving at lightning speed? Use the shortcut: Command/Ctrl + Shift + R ⚡️

"Move to Bcc" shortcut for quick email intros

When you get introduced to someone else over email, we all do the same thing: send a quick thanks, move them to bcc, and kick off an email to your new connection.

Now, Front does that for you! Hold Command/Ctrl + Shift + A to instantly move the last sender to Bcc and start off a new message to the new contact(s) being introduced. We also automatically insert a quick note to say "Thanks, [first_name]! Moving you to Bcc."


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