Quickly clear out your new inbox

When you connect a new individual inbox in Front, you have the option to mass archive your old emails. It's a quick way to clear out your inbox, so you can start fresh in Front!

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Quickly pick the right canned response

Wondering which of your canned responses is the right one to send? Now, you can preview your canned responses (with custom variables like first names automatically filled in 🔥) before you add them to your draft. It's easy to pick the response you're looking for to get your message out even faster.

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Never forget to follow up with Send & Snooze

Clear out your inbox with confidence — Front will automatically resurface conversations in your inbox if your customer doesn’t reply. When you send a message, you can now choose how long to snooze the conversation. If your contact doesn’t reply within your set time limit, the conversation will reopen in your inbox automatically, so you can follow up.

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You can also change your preferences to always use Send & Snooze, so Front prompts you to set your time limit automatically on each message.

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Automatically provision users with Okta

Okta provisioning is now available to make managing your Front team a breeze 🎉 Instead of manually adding or blocking users in Front as your team changes, you can configure Okta to handle provisioning for you automatically.

With Okta and Front, you'll save time on admin setup, ensure users get the right permissions and access, and get more control over your Front workforce. Learn how to set it up here.

Import your Office 365 folder structure to Front

For new Office 365 inboxes connected to Front, we'll automatically file away old emails in tags that replicate your Outlook folders. Your inbox will be neat and tidy from day 1, and your archived history will be right where you need it.

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Jump to the latest message in a snap

Been away from your inbox and diving back into a long thread? Front helps you jump to the most recent message in one click, so you can catch up faster.

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💡Tip: If you want to mark your place to come back to it later, click into the message options menu. Choose Mark as unread on that specific message — the next time you open the thread, you'll start right there.

See images in your comments

Preview images included in comments at a glance, instead of needing to download them. You'll now have a thumbnail for every last meme, screenshot, or asset you share with your teammates 🖼


Access your Stonly knowledge base in Front

Stonly is a platform for creating step-by-step help guides for your customers and support agents, without having to write any code. With Stonly, you can publish rich tutorials for troubleshooting and support content to help your customers help themselves.

Stonly's Front integration allows you to access your Stonly guides and help content right from your inbox. Easily find the right help content in seconds and paste it into your replies to customers to save time resolving issues.


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Bring Dialpad into your inbox

The Front + Dialpad integration brings all your work communication into one place, from emails to live chat to phone calls ☎️

With your Dialpad phone accessible in Front, it’s easy to call new leads or follow up with customers in one click, right from where you spend most of your work day — your inbox.

Make and receive calls in one click, send SMS through your Dialpad number, and monitor missed calls and voicemails with your team for quick follow up.

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See when teammates have started a draft

There's nothing worse than painstakingly crafting the perfect email reply only to find your teammate's already done the same thing. Now, Front alerts you when a teammate has started a draft — even if they haven't shared it with you yet — so you don't waste time duplicating efforts.

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