Improvements for your tags

We've made a few updates to make it easier for you to organize your inbox with tags! They're a great way to label, sort, and file away messages to keep your inbox neat and tidy.

  • Display and hide tags in your workspace from the streamlined options menu. You can drag and drop conversations into displayed private tags like a folder, or click Hide All to clear up your workspace in one click.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 14.12.49.png

  • When you create a new tag, they'll be shown in your workspace automatically for easy access. To disable this behavior, just uncheck this option, and Front will remember that going forward.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 14.16.52.png

  • When you search for a tag to use on a conversation, if it doesn't exist yet you'll be able to add it in one click. Easy peasy!

Open search results at a specific location

Now, when you search for a specific word or phrase, we'll open the conversation to the exact message where your search result matches. No more hunting through a long thread to find what you're looking for!

Customize quick snoozes for your schedule

Snoozing allows your inbox to keep track of tasks for you — just dismiss a message until a specific time, and it’ll pop up in your inbox later for you to handle.

Now, you can set custom snooze presets to triage messages even faster. In Settings > My preferences, pick the times that work best for your schedule to use them in your brand new snooze menu. Click the gear icon to make changes at any time!

Screenshot 2019-07-22 10.27.53.png

Load balance assignments for faster responses

New load balancing rules make it easy to fairly distribute work across your team and ensure your customers get the fastest responses possible.

Conversations are assigned to the teammate with the most bandwidth to handle them (and held in a queue if no one is ready), so your team can respond as quickly as possible. You can also set limits for each teammate based on their experience level to help set up new hires up for success.

Screenshot 2019-07-19 11.29.42.png

Available on the Pro plan.

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New integration: empowers your business to design, test, and deploy bots to handle customer conversations — no code required. You can instantly update messaging bots across all your customer communication channels in real time.

Front's integration connects your chatbots with Front for seamless handoffs to your team. Let the bot respond first, then set custom rules for when a teammate should be assigned to take over and respond personally from Front. 3.png

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New integration: Toky

Toky is a business phone system that enables you to handle calls and SMS from customers via phone, app or desktop.

Integrating Toky with Front keeps all of your customer interactions in one place. Calls, voicemails, and texts are accessible in Front along with everything else you’re working on, and contact information is synced from Toky to Front to give you the context you need. You can even reply to SMS messages directly from Front, or easily navigate to Toky to return a customer's call.

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Mass archive an inbox

There may be times you end up with a large number of open conversations in your team or individual inbox. Perhaps you've just imported your individual inbox into Front and want to start with a clean slate, or you've been away on vacation — it happens to the best of us!

You can now mass archive these conversations in one action, instead of archiving them individually. Simply go to Settings > Inboxes > choose an inbox > Advanced, and select a date limit for the mass archive. All conversations before this date will be archived as a group.

Screenshot 2019-07-12 11.47.11.png

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Import more inbox history automatically

When you connect a Gmail or Office 365 email account with Front, we import your most recent messages automatically. We increased these limits to give you access to more inbox history on day one:

  • Gmail: Most recent 50k messages
  • Office 365: Most recent 10k messages

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Pin your favorite integrations for one-click access

Now, it’s even easier to access data in other apps from Front — just pin your favorite integrations like Salesforce or Pipedrive for one-click access to your customer data.

Quickly toggle between your CRM, calendar, and other tools to get the information you need without leaving your inbox. Use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down arrows to switch between integrations, and drag your sidebar icons into the order you like best.

Integrations sidebar - high res.gif

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API updates: manage team inbox access and manage shifts

We've made 3 improvements to the Front API to make it easy for large businesses to manage their Front teams automatically:

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