Pop out conversations into external windows

Sometimes, you might want to work on multiple conversations at once. Front makes it easy to pop out entire conversations into separate, external windows, so you can work on them simultaneously.

Just double click a conversation to open the entire thread in separate window. From there, you can handle it as usual — including reply, comment, tag, and more — even when you've selected another conversation in your main app window.

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SMS updates: better threading for mass texts

Using Front to text a group of customers at a time? Now, it's crystal clear you'll create a separate conversation thread with each number in your list, so you can keep replies organized.

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If you use a 3rd party app to send your campaigns, that's ok, too. Now, Front will display every outbound message in your SMS conversation, even when it wasn't originally sent from Front. That way, you always have the context for your customer's response.

New integration: Agatha Answers for AI-suggested replies

Wish Front could tell you the answer to all your customer questions?Agatha Answers uses AI to suggest responses for your team, so they spend less time looking for answers and more time delighting your customers.

Agatha scans an open conversation to understand intent, then automatically pulls relevant information from past conversations, cloud docs, and more to recommend the best reply. Interested in trying it with your team? Reach out to Forethought.ai and let them know we sent you!


Improved tags: nesting, use private tags like folders, and new workspace options

We’ve been working hard to extend the power of tags to give you more ways organize your Front conversations.

Here’s a bundle of updates that make it easier to track topics with tags and keep your inbox organized the way you want.

  • Nested tags: you can now sort your tags into groups or add new subtags, like putting subtags for “Contracts” and “Quotes” under an “Orders” umbrella tag. This works for both private and team tags!
  • Drag to file messages in a private tag: You can use pinned private tags like personal folders for your inbox. Just pin a private tag to your workspace, then drag a conversation into it. That files it away for you to come back to later, but it won’t impact anyone else involved in the conversation.
  • New workspace options: Click the button at the top right of each workspace to configure which tags are displayed or change your counter settings.

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Freshdesk import

Switching to Front from Freshdesk? We've improved our Freshdesk import tool to make it easy to get your past ticket data into Front and map Freshdesk agent activity to the right Front teammates.

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Batch upload contacts directly in the app

Have a client list you’d like to import to Front? Now, you can upload a contacts CSV directly in your Front contacts manager. Choose whether they should be private contacts or shared with your team, then click “Import”.

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Greater access and separation for delegated inboxes

Constantly sharing emails with your teammate or manager? It might make sense to delegate your inbox.

Now, you can give another user access to your entire individual workspace — Assigned, Shared, private email, and pinned private tags. They can’t reply as you, but they can archive, snooze, or reply to conversations to give you a hand.

For privacy reasons, only you can set up delegations for your own inbox by going to Settings > My inboxes > Delegations.

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Manage when you automatically mute conversations

We're giving you more control over when conversations automatically mute with two new preferences:

  • Mute on move from individual to team inbox
  • Mute on unassign

Until now conversations would mute when you unassigned, reassigned, or moved them from your individual inbox to a team inbox. Now, you'll stay subscribed in these cases!

Just toggle the settings on if you’d like to keep muting when you move or assign conversations. Together with your auto-subscribe preferences, these settings give you greater control over your inbox activity.

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Clone an existing user to set up a new teammate

Now, you can clone an existing user when you invite someone new to your Front account. Just choose a teammate to clone and which settings to copy, and the new teammate will inherit their setup automatically.

You can keep settings consistent as you grow your Front team, or easily configure preferences as you add more people in each specialized role. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use an existing teammate as a head start.

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Respond to calendar invites from Front

Instead of jumping between Front and another app, handle your schedule in real time — right from Front.

Now when you receive a calendar invite, just click Yes, No, or Maybe to RSVP and add the event to your calendar. You’ll also get an update if the event is canceled or changed.

Reply to calendar invite.png

And if you use Office 365 or Google Calendar, be sure to connect your account in Front Calendar! It’s easy to keep tabs on your day and schedule meetings directly from your inbox.

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