Get full customer context by viewing all recent conversations ๐Ÿ‘€

Providing a top notch customer experience requires having full context about that customer. Now, you can click Contact Details when responding to a customer and view all recent conversations they've had in inboxes you have access to. No more duplicated messaging or siloed customer experience.

Connect new channels with ease

We've launched a complete rebuild of the flow for connecting email channels โ€“ including Google Groups and Distribution Lists โ€“ to Front. Key enhancements include clearer steps, better error handling, and in-app screenshots when action is required outside of Front.

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Your favorite reports, delivered automatically to your inbox ๐Ÿ’Œ

Want to stay on top of a specific monthly performance metric, or track customer response time weekly? Now, you don't have to do the manual work of creating the same report multiple times. Schedule all of your favorite reports to be delivered straight to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. Your most critical metrics are now automatically in your inbox right when you want them.

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Load balancing has gotten a makeover ๐Ÿ’„

Load balancing is a heavily applied upon type of rule that lets you set assignment limits for each teammate. You can select triggers, conditions, and unique assignment limits for each teammate. We've updated the process to make sure rules trigger in the right order, the order of the queue is correct, and more.

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Enrich your comments with a new, expanded composer ๐Ÿ–‹

Some messages require more in-depth formatting. Bold, highlights, new paragraphs โ€” the works. Weโ€™ve built a new comment composer that allows you to fully customize comments and add more sophisticated formatting.

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Quickly view a snapshot of all rules triaging conversations in an inbox

Now, it's easier than ever to understand the workflows happening behind the scenes in your inbox. Track rules moving conversations in and out of inboxes by going into the settings of the inbox itself: Settings โžก๏ธInboxes โžก๏ธInbox name.

It's the best way to debug what happens to an inbox and understand what rules are in place to route conversations.

Post a conversation ID in comments for a preview and context at a glance ๐Ÿ‘€

To share context with your team or refer back to a conversation, paste a conversation or message ID in comments. A preview of the conversation will appear so your team is immediately up to speed.

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Hone in on the right conversations with Views

Views are a combination of filters that create a dynamic list of conversations that you can save and pin to your workspace. Apply and save a filtered view of your messages, so you can easily access important ongoing conversations.


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Tag customer feedback in Front with the new Chatdesk integration

Chatdesk automatically tags customer feedback across email, chat, social media messages, app store reviews such as Amazon and Apple, and NPS/CSAT surveys used for product feedback. Now, Chatdesk can be enabled in Front! This allows you to automatically tag messages that you receive in Front so that you can have granular insights into your returns, and identify opportunities to drive repeat sales.

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Understand your teamโ€™s handle time and individual workload ๐Ÿ’ช

Weโ€™ve updated our Team performance report to give managers a deeper understanding of workload, efficacy and impact on customers. Know how many conversations where assigned to an individual teammate, who is commenting the most and the efficiency of the customer experience with handle time.


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