Front updates
Front updates

Get the whole view of CSAT scores




The unique mixture of qualitative feedback and quantitative scores make CSAT reporting extremely informative - especially changes that can improve your team's ability to build long lasting customer relationships. Starting today in the Customer Experience report (found in your Analytics dashboard), you can now see (and download) customer feedback in addition to CSAT scores. These additional data points will enrich your team's understanding of your customer relationships, so your team knows everything they need to know to improve!

Don’t snooze on these new snooze Rule Conditions




Snoozing conversations or messages is a great way to send self-reminders or block distractions. But, snoozing can also unintentionally trigger rules that are based on archiving. Not anymore! Our new snooze rule conditions and triggers will prevent unwanted actions when you decide to snooze conversations or messages. The following can be used when building and filtering new rules:

  1. Status: “Conversation currently snoozed”
  2. Rule trigger: “Conversation is snoozed”

Existing rules using the “Conversation is archived” trigger will now have two triggers: “Conversation is archived” or “Conversation is snoozed.” Conversations that are archived will no longer be triggered by snoozing.

Salesforce account sync




Make sure your team has the data and customer context they need, always! Why? Because your team should never have to worry about having outdated information on your customers. With Salesforce account sync, customer account data is updated automatically, 24/7. No more context switching, or sifting through your database — your team gets a 360 degree view of your customers, right in Front.


Today account sync is available with Salesforce. Later this month we will roll this out to Hubspot.

In case you missed it: Q1 feature highlights

Our team has been working all quarter on updates from rules to integrations to user experience. Below are a few of those key updates to explore:


New integration

If you use to manage your projects, our plugin integration allows you to create and browse items on any of your boards directly from Front. You can also attach items directly to Front conversations and create a link between the two. Read more here to learn how to enable and use the integration.




New rule list design

Our redesigned rule list makes it easier to manage and maintain your rules. We now support new filters for easier browsing, as well as multi-select, mass delete, and a “last applied” column to find outdated rules to delete. These changes apply to all rule lists.

Default conferencing options for meetings

How many times have you forgotten to add a Zoom link to your meetings? Forget no more! We've enabled the ability to set a default conference option that will then be added to every new meeting you create in Front Calendar. You can set this up on your personal preferences page in Front.

Extended support hours

You may have heard some exciting news about Front support: we’ve extended our coverage to 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday through Friday PT). When it comes to customer conversations, every minute counts. By expanding our support team availability, our goal is to give you fast, consistent support, whenever you need it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Customize your sidebar

Now you can easily tailor your sidebar to show only those items you need quick access to. We’ve added a new “Edit sidebar” option when you hover each object within your sidebar. Selecting this option brings you into an edit mode where you can easily hide or add tags, inboxes, and teammates from your sidebar.

Note: Editing your sidebar setup will impact only your personal view and does not affect your teammates. You can read more about customizing your sidebar here.

New “Date is” rule condition

Do you ever need a rule to be active only during a certain time period, such as a holiday vacation responder? The rule editor now supports conditional logic using “if” and “date is” conditions to activate rules during specific dates.

Introducing Smart Rules—the best way to scale your workflows




Smart Rules are like Message Templates for rules: faster and easier to build rules with Dynamic Variables that pull in data. With the launch of Smart Rules, you can create one rule for a variety of scenarios, resulting in fewer rules, easier workflow management, and more sophisticated workflows. Check out our Classroom guide for the top ways to uplevel your workflows with Smart Rules.

Smart Rules - 3 Static vs Smart Rules v4.png

New rule alert: Required Tagging 🏷




Our new required tagging rule gives you peace of mind as you scale; knowing messages are consistently being tagged leads to more reliable and accurate reporting. By requiring tagging, you can:

  • Ensure every escalated message is tagged accordingly to identify the volume and type of inbound messages needing additional help
  • Require specific “product issue” tags before a message can be archived to uncover what parts of the product need more attention
  • When messages require multiple tags, make sure every one is applied - for instance, hot lead 🔥 + the specific product line it’s associated with

Giphy in comments & email composer




Because GIFs!! They add joy, boost morale — and let's be real, GIFs are an expected part of some communications these days. This update will allow for the use of GIFs in comments and the composer.

Track Accounts in analytics 📊




Want to see volumes, response times, and whether you are meeting your SLAs for a particular Account or set of Accounts? You can now filter any report by Accounts. In addition, you can compare metrics across Accounts in the Customer Experience report. To make these comparisons more useful, more metrics (e.g. SLA breaches, New conversations, Active conversations) are now also available on both the Contacts and Accounts tables.

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.01.54 AM.png

"Add comment" rule action




You can now add comments using a rule action. This is super helpful to give tips at specific times in your automated processes ("Warning, you need to confirm identity in chat conversations", "This message seems to be about billing, you can contact Finance about that", etc), or to log when a specific event happened ("SLA breached at that point", "Conversation assigned").

The comment is posted by a fake teammate with the name of the rule. It can trigger other rules, and you can even @mention people in it!

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.02.33 AM.png

API support for message templates




We've released API support for creating, updating, and deleting message templates and folders. This allows you to sync or import message templates across systems 🎉.