Front updates
Front updates

Easily communicate with your customers in over 100 languages




Lokalise Messages for Front is an integration that translates conversations between customers and your company in real time, using neural machine translation for over 100 languages. The integration detects the language of incoming messages, translates the messages into your team's language, and then sends a translated response back to the customer, delighting them in their native language.

Learn how it works on the Lokalise Messages integration page.

Simplify setup and reporting of team performance with Inbox Business Hours




The Business Hours menu gives Admins the opportunity to select the days of the week, the times of day, and timezone for business hours. Previously, if Admins wanted to track multiple teams working under different business hours, they would’ve had to create a new Team in Front. Now, Admins can set business hours for specific team inboxes for cleaner workflows customized to various working hours and more accurate analytics on team performance.


Updated Aide integration resolves customer support issues faster




The Aide integration with Front uses AI to learn from your tickets to automatically categorize them, display visual analytics, and suggest faster resolutions. This helps increase your team’s productivity to resolve tickets significantly faster without leaving Front.

Please visit our Aide integration page to learn more.

Share important event updates in Front Calendar




When you update a calendar event’s details or modify the guest list, you can choose whether or not to notify guests with an update email. Now you can minimize unnecessary noise in guests’ inboxes for minor updates while ensuring important event updates come through.

Note: This update only applies to users with Google accounts.

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Reference a visitor's URL in Front Chat more easily




Context is key to providing a personalized experience for visitors engaging with your website chat. We’ve made it easier to see which webpage a visitor is on throughout the conversation, so you can get the right context to assist at any point in the interaction.

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Customize your Front Chat widget placement




There’s more flexibility to incorporate Front Chat on your website. Now, you can customize the location and padding of the widget on your page.


Updated rule condition filters attachments more easily




In Front’s rule editor, you can now add an "IF attachment extension is" as a Filter condition to identify common file types following a Trigger event. Adding this condition to rules will significantly help automate workflows that involve frequent exchanges of attached files, such as .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .csv, .zip, and more.


Reply to Facebook page posts and comments in Front




In addition to replying to Facebook DMs, Front now supports replies to Facebook page posts and comments. Users can collaborate and reply to customer messages — no matter what form they take on Facebook — directly in Front to provide faster and more comprehensive responses to their customers.

Any existing Facebook channels that are connected with Front will need to be removed and reconnected in order to use this functionality. Any new Facebook channels that are connected will automatically have this functionality.

Streamline your dispatching with Everest and Front




Front’s latest integration with Everest, a trucking logistics solution, parses emails to provide relevant logistics details so you can provide bids quickly and effectively, without leaving money on the table. The integration enables Front users to review emails faster, view details from Everest, and access SmartBid rates directly in Front email drafts.

Please visit our Everest Integrations Page to get started!

Improve your customer service quality with Klaus and Front




Our newest integration with Klaus, a customer service quality management platform, helps Front users take measurable steps to next-level customer experience. With Klaus, Front users can run effective QA processes, such as reviewing tickets, creating custom filters and scorecards, tracking trends, and more. Scaling your customer experience as your company grows will be easier with Klaus’ support agent coaching to boost customer retention.

Please visit our Klaus Integrations Page to get started!