A library of Rule templates to make automation quick and easy

Your team relies on Rules to improve and automate your workflow – but it can be a hassle to create them from scratch.

Introducing the Rules Library, a collection of popular Rule templates you can select and customize in a matter of clicks. Browse them to find workflows you’re missing, activate them in a matter of clicks. We’re starting with 26, but will be adding more regularly!

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Introducing Front Scheduling πŸ“†

A whole new scheduling experience just launched πŸš€Now, you can create unique scheduling links right from the composer or calendar to easily share your availability. Add a scheduling link to your email signature, easily coordinate meetings with large groups, and book time with a colleague or client in just one click.


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Your admin settings page got a HUGE makeover 🎨

We're introducing a whole new settings experience for Front admins. Now, you can easily toggle between personal and company settings, make changes to your most commonly used actions with a simple click, and manage your workflow with ease.

Additionally, anyone who uses Front – admin or not – will also see a refreshed personal settings page featuring quick access to availability settings, most common setup actions, and guidance on how to get the most of out of Front.

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Copy & paste attachments into emails

Copy and pasting should be as easy as pie – so we made some improvements to our desktop app. Now, you can copy & paste files from various desktop sources, including Cargowise, into the Front composer – you can even use shortcuts cmd+C / cmd+V from Finder into the composer. Here's to taking the hassle out of attaching files to emails πŸ‘.

Creating new inboxes in Front just got a whole lot better πŸ“©

If you've tried Front's shared inboxes, you know they can be a game changer for your team. To make your life a little bit easier, we enhanced the UI so that you can create new inboxes with a guided setup right from your settings. The new step-by-step flow makes everything straightforward and clear so that your favorite inboxes can be created in no time.

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 9.08.06 AM.png

Resolution time in Front Analytics has an updated calculation πŸ“ˆ

Resolution is a metric measured through Front Analytics, and we decided to update its calculation to make it all a little more intuitive.

Previous definition: A conversation has a reply and was archived some point OR is currently trashed 🀯

New definition: A conversation has a reply and is currently archived, snoozed or trashed πŸ™‚

The main difference is that now when you "un-archive" or "un-snooze" a conversation, it will now be "un-resolved." Happy analyzing!

A new & improved rule editor πŸš€

With Front, you can make a variety of highly customized, efficient rules that enhance your workflow. We wanted to make that as easy as possible, so we gave the rule editing flow a makeover. Try making a new rule and you'll experience the more intuitive update featuring simplified triggers, better organized drop-down options, and more.

Get full customer context by viewing all recent conversations πŸ‘€

Providing a top notch customer experience requires having full context about that customer. Now, you can click Contact Details when responding to a customer and view all recent conversations they've had in inboxes you have access to. No more duplicated messaging or siloed customer experience.

Connect new channels with ease

We've launched a complete rebuild of the flow for connecting email channels – including Google Groups and Distribution Lists – to Front. Key enhancements include clearer steps, better error handling, and in-app screenshots when action is required outside of Front.

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Your favorite reports, delivered automatically to your inbox πŸ’Œ

Want to stay on top of a specific monthly performance metric, or track customer response time weekly? Now, you don't have to do the manual work of creating the same report multiple times. Schedule all of your favorite reports to be delivered straight to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. Your most critical metrics are now automatically in your inbox right when you want them.

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