Access your Stonly knowledge base in Front

Stonly is a platform for creating step-by-step help guides for your customers and support agents, without having to write any code. With Stonly, you can publish rich tutorials for troubleshooting and support content to help your customers help themselves.

Stonly's Front integration allows you to access your Stonly guides and help content right from your inbox. Easily find the right help content in seconds and paste it into your replies to customers to save time resolving issues.


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Bring Dialpad into your inbox

The Front + Dialpad integration brings all your work communication into one place, from emails to live chat to phone calls ☎️

With your Dialpad phone accessible in Front, it’s easy to call new leads or follow up with customers in one click, right from where you spend most of your work day — your inbox.

Make and receive calls in one click, send SMS through your Dialpad number, and monitor missed calls and voicemails with your team for quick follow up.

Dialpad gif for email.gif

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See when teammates have started a draft

There's nothing worse than painstakingly crafting the perfect email reply only to find your teammate's already done the same thing. Now, Front alerts you when a teammate has started a draft — even if they haven't shared it with you yet — so you don't waste time duplicating efforts.

Screenshot 2020-02-21 17.05.21.png

Download all attachments in one click

Get all your attachments in one click, even on the web app! You'll get a handy zip file instead of needing to download one by one.

Screenshot 2020-02-07 15.35.29.png

Open .eml attachments in Front 📩

Working with teammates or clients still using Outlook? No problem — when they email you and attach an .eml, you can open and read it right in Front. From there, you can even reply directly to the attached email!

Easy rules for business hours + dynamically notify assignees

2 new advanced rule options for Pro and Enterprise customers 💥Now, it's even easier to help your team beat your response time goals in Front.

  • Once you've defined business hours in Front Analytics, you can use that setting easily in rules. Send an OOO response when your team is offline, or create different SLAs for offline and online hours. If your business hours ever change, your rules will adjust automatically. Screenshot 2020-02-03 11.51.15.png

  • You can also notify the assignee of a conversation dynamically, instead of naming specific teammates. This will bump the conversation in their inbox for high priority customers, or when you're at risk of missing your response time goal. Screenshot 2020-02-03 11.52.01.png

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Add or remove table rows and columns

Need to adjust a table you've pasted into Front? Click on the row or column to highlight it and add a new entry — or delete one you don't need. Your emails will look sharper than ever for quotes, client updates, and more 🤓

Screenshot 2020-01-28 14.57.25.png

Reset your snooze in one click

When your snooze is interrupted by a new reply in the thread, you can now reset your last snooze in one click. It's an easy way Front helps you zoom through your email to hit Inbox Zero everyday!

Last snooze.png

Get context from customer conversation history at a glance

Need more context on the customer you're working with? We've just redesigned Front's contact details panel to give you a complete customer view of past conversation history, custom data, and internal notes.

Contact details.gif

Instantly check on past conversations and issues, update contact information like their location, title, or other custom attributes, and add notes for your team to keep everyone in the loop. Multiple contacts involved the thread? Toggle between any of them at the top of the panel.

All the customer context you need is right there in your inbox, so you can craft the perfect response even faster ✅

Trigger rules with contact fields for customized workflows

Custom fields make it easy to enrich your Front contacts with all the information you need — like Salesforce owner, account value, or signup date. Once you've updated custom contact fields using the Front API, you can now use that data to build custom rules for your business.

Screenshot 2020-01-13 14.40.35.png

You'll have different options for your rule condition based on your custom field type: text strings, numerical values, true/false booleans (like the example above), dates and times, or Front teammates. Here are a few ideas to help you get started!

  • Move messages from high-value customers (MRR > 1000) to your VIP inbox for faster responses
  • Tag messages from revived leads (Signup date before 30 days ago) as Urgent 🔥 to prioritize those conversations
  • Tag messages from admins (Admin is true) or end users (Admin is false) to give context for your support team

Using custom contact fields in rules is an advanced rule action available on our Pro plan and above.

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