Integration update: OAuth support for Jira Cloud and Server

Now, you can log in to the Jira integration via OAuth for either Jira Server or Jira Cloud, instead of using API tokens 🔐

From there, you can create new issues from Front or link conversations to existing issues to add context. When the Jira issue closes, related conversations in Front will reopen so that you can easily respond to those customers.

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Easily add recipients with contact previews

Avoid those 🤦🏻‍♀️moments and never confuse recipients again. Now, Front gives you more information about who you're adding to an email (first and last name, teammate status, and contact group indicators) to make sure you're adding exactly the person you're looking for.

And whenever someone new joins your Front team, they'll be added to your address book automatically.

Screenshot 2019-11-25 09.56.11.png

Notifications settings update for moving conversations between inboxes

If you had previously enabled notifications for a certain inbox, you would not receive a notification if a conversation was moved there — only if a new message were sent to it directly.

Now, when you use the IF a message arrives in [inbox] trigger in your notification rule, you'll get a notification for both new messages and moved conversations. You won't miss a thing 🔔

3 new admin tools for easy deployment

Front gives admins powerful controls to set users up for success and achieve their business goals. Today, we’re introducing 3 new ways to manage user onboarding and workflows that make implementing Front with consistency across your organization a breeze 🙌

  • Create teammate templates for common user roles (like Support Reps or Account Managers) to give new users in these roles the settings they need instantly. You save time, instead of configuring from scratch, and have complete control, unlike cloning from a user who has modified their settings. Requires Access Management add-on.

Screenshot 2019-11-18 21.01.42.png

  • You can also now invite teammates by CSV to add a group of new users in a batch, instead of one by one. You can even define teammate templates for these users in the CSV to set everything up in one step.

Annotation 2019-11-15 113115.png

  • Use company rules to create up company-wide workflows, instead of creating duplicate rules for your users. They allow you to enforce SLAs and unify all client communication in team inboxes with consolidated rules that can target individual and team inboxes at the same time. Requires Pro or Enterprise plan.

Company rules gif.gif

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Easily resize images

Want to make that celebration GIF in your email just the right size? Click and drag the corner of any embedded image file to easily scale it up or down.

Resize image.gif

Speed through your inbox with new shortcut modes

Just like taking the secret shortcut in Mario Kart, our latest batch of keyboard shortcuts will have you cruisin' through your emails. Choose from new shortcut modes — including classic Gmail shortcuts to keep up the supersonic pace you’re used to.

To change your shortcut settings to one of the new options, simply go to Settings > My preferences > Keyboard shortcuts. From there, you'll be off to the races

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Create and update Drafts via the Front API

Want a team member to review a message before it's sent? Now, you can create and edit drafts using the API for new orders and other updates, so they’re ready for your team in Front.

Quick start template for custom plugins

Considering building a custom plugin for your team to access customer data or other backend systems from your inbox? It's easier than ever to get started with a custom plugin template that matches Front's design:

Need some inspiration for what to build in Front? Check out 4 examples from our customers!

Pay by ACH for more billing flexibility

Prefer to pay by ACH rather than credit card? Now, you can connect your bank account directly in your Front billing settings to make automatic withdrawals.

Screenshot 2019-11-04 15.46.50.png

New integration: Dialpad

Say hello to Dialpad in your inbox 👋

Dialpad's brand new integration with Front makes it easy handle calls and texts without leaving Front. Follow up on missed calls, check call and SMS history with a contact, and more — right from your inbox.

Make Calls.png

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