Drag and drop attachments to other apps

Constantly moving quotes, contracts, and other attachments between your inbox and other tools? Skip the downloading step, and drag-and-drop to do it in one click 1️⃣

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Use your favorite extensions with Front 🧩

Want to check your spelling with Grammarly, or type lightning-fast with Auto Text Expander? Now, your favorite browser extensions are here in Front's web app!

Use the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or other supported browsers to use your favorite extensions in Front.


Link emails to Salesforce opportunities and more

A few fresh updates for one of our most popular integrations: Salesforce 💸 Three new improvements make it easier than ever to keep your pipeline updated and close deals faster:

  • Click the envelope icon to associate an email with a specific opportunity for more accurate workflow tracking
  • Log emails with automatic rules to keep your inbox and Salesforce in sync
  • Now, you can access and update Notes right from Front to easily keep track of follow ups

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Learn how to enable the Salesforce integration

Create quick rules to file messages from certain senders

Always want to move emails from your largest client into your 🔥 Urgent tag, or move emails from your manager into Internal?

Now, you can do this right from any email in a couple clicks. Quick rules for specific senders are a great way to declutter your inbox and get to Inbox Zero faster.

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Download chart and table data CSVs

No need to wrangle with a full analytics export when you just need data for single chart or table. Now, you can download CSVs for any table or chart for quick and easy analysis.

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Track progress of inbox imports — now including emails, signatures, and contacts

If you're just getting started with Front, importing your individual inbox is your first big step. Now, we're bringing more of your history along to help you get up and running in Front as quickly as possible.

In addition to your email history, you'll get your signatures and contacts in Front, too. Wondering when it will be done? Just check the progress bar in your inbox!

New integration: Drift live chat in Front

Early access to our Drift integration is available for Front customers 🎉 Now, you can handle Drift messages alongside email, SMS, and more in Front. With all your conversations in one place, your Sales team can respond faster for a better customer experience and more closed deals.

Seamlessly hand off conversations to AEs with all the context they need to take over, and even update leads and opportunities in Salesforce for them. And if it turns out to be a support question instead? Just move it over to Support for them to handle, since you’re all working together in Front.

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Learn more

Find conversations faster with new inbox tabs

We just released a few updates to your inbox navigation to make it easier to find conversations quickly 🎉

Instead of using the “All” folder, use new inbox tabs filter conversations by status, like Open, Snoozed, or Archived. They’re an easy way to find conversations in one click!

For your team inboxes, you now have the choice between separate Unassigned and Assigned tabs or a combined Open view. Choose what works best for your workflow in Settings > My preferences.

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Import Zendesk data for a smooth transition to Front

Moving your Customer Support or Client Services team from Zendesk to Front? Now, it's even simpler to get your team up and running.

Front's new import tool makes it easy to sync data from Zendesk to Front and match user profiles, so all your customer conversation history is accessible in Front. From there, it's smooth sailing with your new inbox!

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4 new analytics metrics for teammate-specific reporting

The Team tab of Front analytics provides metrics for specific teammates for a specific timeframe, so you can track performance week-over-week to ensure you're meeting your response time goals.

We've just introduced 4 new metrics to give you even more ways to customize your reports with the data you need 📈