Front updates
Front updates

New alerts for unfilled variables




Using variables in your templates can make including key details in customer communications faster and more accurate. But if a variable doesn’t populate, that can lead to some sticky situations; no one wants to receive an email greeting of “Hello [blank]”.

Now, if your message contains an unfilled variable, we’ll provide two warnings: you’ll see an alert within the email as you’re composing and a second notification when you hit send to confirm.


Improved attachment support in Front Chat




We’re making it easier to share and get context from your customers, whether that context is in a PDF, GIF, or other file format. Front Chat now supports an attachment size limit of 25 MB and multiple file types including .pdf, .png, .jpg, .gif, .txt, .mp4, and .mov.


Tag identification improvement




Across multiple Teams, users can create tags with the same name. This can make distinguishing tags and selecting the right tag from a dropdown list a headache. Our updated tag indicator will display the parent Team name of each tag, so users can more confidently select and use tags — keeping workflows and reporting running smoothly.


Custom message templates and signatures for your team




Managing custom message templates and individual email signatures at a team level is a breeze with Front’s custom teammate fields. Admins can create a Team signature or message template and input custom teammate fields to reflect job titles, location, phone numbers, pronouns, and more. That means one template can be used at scale for entire teams or the company as a whole!

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If at first your search does not succeed…we’ll help you try again




We’ve improved our search if you need to dig up a specific conversation from high-volume inboxes. If there are no results in your inbox, we’ll check your sidebar plus all inboxes and show you matching results. If your original search term comes up empty overall, we’ll let you know so you can try another search and get to what you need faster.


Easily identify individual performance stats




The Team Performance report keeps tabs on your team productivity so you can celebrate the wins of delivering the best customer service while also getting line of sight to when they’re overloaded. The new Email column helps you to easily identify and measure individual performance and workloads amongst team members. With this granular level of individual performance and workload information, you can make better decisions to serve your customers and keep your team happy.


Slim down your to-do list this summer with Todoist in Front




Inside our newest integration with the popular task and project management tool Todoist, Front users can access their most important tasks without ever leaving Front.

Search for, edit, and mark tasks as complete - all while supporting your most important customers. Tasks can also be linked to conversations within Front to stay even more organized.

Please visit our Todoist Integrations Page to get started!

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Same Front, fresh look




We know your team strives to deliver a show-stopping customer experience, but managing a high volume of messages can make that a challenge. That's why we've rolled out some exciting inbox updates.

These inbox updates allow you to:

Easily manage conversations: Use the new conversation status bar to get a clear look at where things stand, plus easily take actions like snooze, archive, and more.

Work more confidently: The archive button will now always tell you which inbox(es) you’re affecting.

Get clearer visibility…on who has visibility: Get all the details you need about who’s on a message with the new Participants menu.

Pro tip: We've removed the "Star" button from your conversation status bar to declutter, but you can still star and unstar messages with a simple shortcut. Just go to the right-hand integrations sidebar and find the "Keyboard shortcuts" plugin. Under "Conversation actions" you'll find "Star/Unstar".

Check out our quick overview video to see a walkthrough of what’s new.


A handy case change shortcut




Need to quickly switch between all uppercase and lowercase letters in Front’s composer? Simply press Shift+F3 on your keyboard to change the selected text to uppercase, and press again to switch it back to lowercase. For example, if you work in logistics or shipbroking and are creating a quote, you can reference existing order IDs and quickly switch between uppercase and lowercase.


HubSpot accounts sync




With HubSpot account sync your team will have the data AND the customer context they need - 24/7, 365. No more context switching, or sifting through your database - your team gets a 360 degree view of your customers, right in Front.

To learn more, check out our Hubspot Integrations Page.

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